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What is a franchise?

What is a franchise? All about franchising

Franchising is a very complex area, but if you do your research properly and as a consequence manage to find the right franchise for you, it can be very rewarding. Before however you start to look at franchise opportunities of interest, you need to initially understand what franchising is and if it is the right route into business for you.

Following our franchise guidelines as outlined in this section will help you to answer the important questions to ask when buying a franchise business such as “why buy a franchise?”, “I want to buy a franchise, where do I start?”, “What do you need to buy a franchise?” and “how much is it to buy a franchise”.

Our “buying a franchise advice section” will help you to answer these questions and many more. We will take you through each stage of the franchise decision making process, giving guidance and clarification where possible. As well as providing a comprehensive franchise guide, we, and other franchise experts, are also on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Let’s start at the beginning and ask the question, what is a franchise?

What is a franchise?

In simple terms, a “franchise” is an agreement between two parties which allows one party i.e. the franchisee, to market product or services using the trademark and operating methods of the other party i.e. the franchisor.

There are two types of franchise methods – business format franchising and product and trade name franchising.

Business Format Franchising

The most common method in the UK is Business Format Franchising. Using this method, when you buy a franchise, the franchisor grants you, the franchisee, the use of their logos and trademarks, as well as a turn-key system for doing business. This includes helping the franchisee with site selection, store layout and design, recruiting and training staff, marketing the business, preferred supplies contacts and more.

The franchisee in return has to pay an upfront franchise fee as well as ongoing royalties to the franchisor. The franchisor uses this money to help further develop the system through marketing, product and market research, and ongoing support.

There are many examples of business format franchising opportunities, including – food franchises, automotive franchises, estate agency franchises, retail franchises, recruitment franchises, children’s franchises, coffee franchises, pet franchises, fitness franchises to name a few.

Many of these are ideal franchises for women, many are home-based franchises, part-time franchises and mobile franchises, and not all required a high level of investment, some are considered low-cost franchises.

Product and Trade Name Franchising

The other franchise method is Product and Trade Name Franchising. This type of franchising does not involve royalty fees. The most important thing that the franchisor provides to someone buying a franchise in Product and Trade Name Franchising is the product. The franchisee is required to purchase the product or range of products exclusively from the franchisor. The franchisor also provides national marketing and advertising campaigns, logos and trademarks.

This type of franchising is mainly associated with industries such as petroleum, soft drink distribution and automotive.

Product and Trade Name Franchising has three distinctive characteristics:

The franchisee sells goods which are supplied by the franchisor or a person affiliated with the franchisor;
The franchisor helps the franchisee to secure accounts or, depending on the type of business, locations or sites for rack displays or vending machines.
Within 6 months of opening the business, the franchisee must pay the franchisor or a person affiliated with the franchisor
– See more at: http://www.whichfranchise.com/resources.cfm#sthash.EBkwHWBL.dpuf

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A guarantee for your business

The Power of a Guarantee

A business requires many ingredients in order to be successful on a sustained basis. One such ingredient is the ability of the business to stand out from the crowd and is commonly referred to as its unique selling point.

The Unique selling point or USP can take many different forms but the offer of a compelling guarantee is a powerful example and that’s what we are going to concentrate on here.

What is a Guarantee?
A guarantee is the promise of a particular action, level of performance or value that is highly attractive to a business’s target market together with the offer of compensation (preferably specific and named) should the original promise not be delivered.

Find out Why the Offer of a Good Guarantee is So Important for Your Business →
Customer Comments
“Trinity Accountants are a very professional Accountancy Service, yet also speak ‘your’ language, making it so much easier to understand your accounts, they are also great communicators. I highly recommend them, especially after not having such good experiences in the past with other accountants, who I feel didn’t have the time or patience for their clients if they were struggling with understanding certain elements of the accounting system.”

(Angela, February 2015)

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss how to create a powerful guarantee for your business with a Free 1 Hour Consultation, please contact Sam on 0800 954 2099 or complete our online form.

Kind Regards,
Samantha Kemp ACA (Partner)

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Apprentices can help your Business Grow!

The unemployment market today is as high as it has been for a number of years. Young people are considering their options more carefully than they have done before. No longer is a direct passage from GCSE to A Level then to University the norm. The economic climate is such that employers are looking for better value for money in the people they employ. People perhaps need to be more multi skilled than they used to be and are expected to go that extra mile to help their business win the next contract or get an order out on time. We need a workforce to be more flexible and we need the opportunity to develop our young people into what fits our business needs today.
Young people are beginning to realise that employers also want experience and with that they may not possibly be able to afford graduate salaries. We are seeing something of this in the number of graduates either out of work, doing voluntary work or undergoing internships. Add to this the increase in tuition fees Universities are charging then this leads to a re-evaluation of what route our young people decide to take.
High on the government’s agenda is promoting young people into Apprenticeships. This is an opportunity for young people to get a qualification whilst they are earning and gaining valuable work experience at the same time. Young people are for these reasons very focussed on the Apprenticeship route and with the significant level of government support available it is a very attractive option for employers. Government support is available to pay for the teaching and training. The government target area is the 16-18 year olds however there is support available 19+ Apprentices.
If employers are looking to maximise their recruitment budgets and take advantage of the young people entering the job market then the Apprenticeship route should be the first option explored. It comes with minimum risk and maximum opportunity. According to the National Apprenticeship Service there are 200 different types of Apprenticeships with over 1200 job roles. Additionally where possible your local College will work with you to develop an Apprenticeship framework that fits your needs.

Jon Middleton
Corporate Development Manager
Bournville College

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Benefits of exhibiting

Headz Up Business exhibited at 4 of The Business Growth Show events in 2011 and is looking forward to Exhibiting again in 2012. Towards the end of last year we were asked this question ‘Why do you exhibit as opposed to visiting The Business Growth Show?’ Prior to exhibiting at The Business Growth Show we had visited a few of the business events and so we had a pretty good answer to the question. We found the below benefits of exhibiting outweighed merely visiting The Business Growth Show and we would like to give you the Headz Up!

  1. Positioning Your Branding: Exhibiting at an event can tell potential customers a great deal about your company and the positioning within your industry. If you are situated with the big boys then you instantly take on the persona of a big player.
  2. Brand Trust: Let’s face it if you Exhibit then you are more likely to be considered a serious business player. There is a cost involved in exhibiting so to exhibit regularly your product can be perceived to be popular and indeed successful.
  3. Building Your Database: Exhibiting is a great means of building a unique & purposeful database. The conversations had at your stand can be the most interesting insight to those attending. At busy events many delegates will wait for your attention, meetings are less awkward and you are in control.
  4. New Ideas & Opportunities: Exhibiting allows new ideas to develop, collaborations on projects and meeting of individuals by chance you wouldn’t otherwise have met.
  5. Managing your Time: The way we do business is changing. Exhibiting can be an ideal opportunity to invite a database otherwise gathering dust. Safe & perfect environments for inviting all your increasing Followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & now Google +.
  6. Visibility: So you have a fantastic online presence but to strengthen and grow there also needs to be a level of real visibility. Exhibitions can be ideal for those that work from home, have no actual offices or for those wanting to break into a region location outside their area.
  7. Over other Forms: Over other forms of marketing such as advertising it allows feedback, questioning on your product/service. Decisions can be made pretty much on the day.
  8. Generating Customers: And finally if you were to get in your car and visit the leads sitting on your database in a day, say even in a week exactly how many individuals, companies would you actually get to meet & talk too?

Apart from the obvious direct sales from exhibiting it’s also important to understand the additional intangible benefits from exhibiting at events. So if you are unsure as to whether you should exhibit or not to exhibit, we hope the above is helpful in your exhibition planning for 2012.


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