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    Raft of tech companies breaking out from ‘hotbed of innovation’ New Zealand

    It’s not just the 15 warriors of the All Blacks that are putting New Zealand on the map these days: a refreshing approach to business and an ability to innovate means the country’s tech scene is also punching above its weight […]

    Businesses warned against ‘panic buying’ ahead of changes to Annual Investment Allowance

    Some businesses are already experiencing a ‘tapering down’ of the tax tax-free allowance before it settles at its new rates of £200,000 from 2016 […]

    Going it alone: How to start your very own business 

    Design and printing specialist Helloprint has created a new infographic designed to help budding entrepreneurs set up their own businesses […]

    Business is booming for food and drinks SMEs

    Welcome back to the world of raising finance. This blog concentrates on the food and drink sector to provide an overview of the current trends as well as key deals and developments. Fast expanding small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are … […]

    From bad to worse: how administration turned even uglier amid legal battles

    When a company goes under the administrators are responsible for selling the assets, but how far do those responsibilities stretch? Thos salutary tale explores that question […]

    SME Breakfast Event: Achieving business growth using the Business Growth Service

    Learn how to grow your business by developing innovate and creative people […]

    ‘Sub-prime Unicorns’ risk putting valuation ahead of sustainable growth 

    Veteran of VC investment and data analytics expert warns that companies chasing the highest valuations risks leaving customers’ needs behind and missing the point of long-term growth […]

    Improved infrastructure key to strong investment, says CBI research

    Progress in infrastructure projects plays a big part in firms’ investment intentions, according to national poll […]

    SMEs reach new heights with a boost from their accountants

    Increased automation in accounting processes is allowing SME leaders to concentrate on growth and filling the Treasury’s coffers […]

    The Modern Slavery Act: what is required of employers?

    The Modern Slavery Act is a piece of legislation that has wider implications for employers than most realise: here is everything you need to know… […]