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Only half of managers can cope with crises at work

Non-supportive workplace culture leaves managers unarmed in solving workplace crises, according to new research. High profile leaders reveal lessons in bouncing back […]

Immigration post-Brexit​: Q&A

Employment and immigration solicitor Caroline Glacken looks at some of the big immigration questions that we need to face post-Brexit […]

Digitalise or die: SME survey reveals roadblocks to going digital

A cross-market survey of 2,500 SMEs highlights the gap between those who believe in changing with the times and those who actually can keep up […]

SME lending at risk as bank branches close

New research reveals that bank branch closures effectively kill off SME lending, which has prompted MPs to debate this in Parliament today […]

​Adarsh Radia casts a wider net

​Serial entrepreneur Adarsh Radia speaks to GrowthBusiness about his latest venture, WiderPool which tackles the notion of a digital ‘skills gap’ head on […]

Chief Future-proofing Officer: the evolving role of the CFO

Only one in three business leaders believe their chief financial officers are up to the task of evolving with the times […]

How to communicate in the age of instant messaging

Seven tips to communicate professionally in the age of instant chat, from knowing when to use text to how to use gifs […]

Will Generation Z be the death of email?

A generation known for communicating through emojis, memes and gifs across multiple channels may be the biggest threat to email as we know it […]

A brief guide to picking the right HRM software for a growing business