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Social Command Offer

By Mark Linton

We are so confident that our Social Media service is the best in the world we are offering 30% off our normal subscription and setup costs.

We can help your brand or business Increase user engagement, Gain visibility (brand recognition), Gain likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, Linked-in & Pinterest.

The easiest way to explain how we operate is to remember the old business saying ‘REPETITION BUILDS REPUTATION’ so we run with this across all your platforms (Facebook, Twitter, linked-in & Pinterest).

On social media it’s always best to run with the 3rd rule to split your content into your business, general info/trending & business related.

We post up to 6 times a day this will give you the repetition.

This may sound a lot, But Facebook recently changed its algorithm, so just 1 post will only be seen by 4% of your followers, so if you had 1000 followers only 40 people will see that single post.

The content we use is always engaging, the main goal is to get the shares started. You normally have to run the campaign for a quarter so you can see the advances in follows & likes etc.

More details click here: https://goo.gl/sdT9Gz

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