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Claire Russell

By Mark Linton

Claire was raised in a loving, working class northern family who instilled in her an incredible work ethic – she has always endeavoured to instil this same ethos in anyone that she has mentored.

As a Network Marketing Professional, Claire now uses all of the skills she has developed during her career, to mentor people to develop their own home based business –that will allow them to supplement their main income; or to replace their day job (where this is their goal). Claire works with people from different backgrounds and with wildly different aspirations – for instance, £500 per month additional income; or a six figure income and all of the incentives the business has to offer.

Claire is keen to learn about and understand the people that would like to join her team – what makes them tick, their life/background and aspirations rather than their work history. Her view is that you do not need experience in Network Marketing or multi level marketing to be a successful member of her team, but you do need a strong work ethic, ambition and a lot of energy; nothing worth achieving comes easily!

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From:: Claire Russell

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