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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be big, it’s about doing the small things such as sending an
emails, updating Twitter and responding to Facebook with a like. It’s momentum that takes you

Yaro Starak says ‘Momentum for me really comes from starting with something small – and
when I say small, it doesn’t have to be business’ @yarostarak
As businesses owners, we are caught up with the here and now and not the planning. By
planning, we don’t mean sitting down and meticulously working out where your marketing is
going to be on the next 12 months. Try the next 12 days. There are plenty of scheduling apps
like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social for you to use.

The issue faced with most businesses and entrepreneurs is keeping up with the Jones’ and
trying to think of something to say… Let’s face it there is always going to be someone more
clever than you and more organised and you, but if you take Yaro’s approach and just start off
small and build a routine you will also build a following. The saying goes that Rome was never
built in a day – the same goes for your marketing. You have to have consistency in the same
nature as getting up in the morning, having a shower, brushing your teeth and getting dressed
before you leave for work. It is building a routine in your day that will change your marketing
approach to things.

Spending 32 minutes a day doing social media planning and execution will allow you to build a
reputable following and help you engage with the right customers and be able to generate the
right leads.

Before I leave and move on to tips I’m sure you’re wondering why I used 32 minutes instead of
30. What will 2 minutes difference make? Not a lot, but by being different in your approach it will
make you think more about putting in place the things you wish to put off and be seen as
change maker.

5 tips to make you get better results from your social media activity:
● Download a free social media scheduling app
● Spend 32 minutes planning your weekly updates
● Focus on three key words to build your campaign around repetition, repetition and
● Update your channels regularly and focus on two or three platforms only.
● Follow up on conversation with likes and comments at least three times a day

Finally, don’t stress about trying to keep up with the digital trends. Allow social media in your
business to become fun. Remember your marketing is not just one medium, it is all mediums
and you need to mix both the online with the face to face.

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Facebook is changing. What does that mean for your business?

Are you aware of the recent Facebook changes that are affecting your business?

Facebook Focuses News Feed On Friends And Family, Curbing The Reach Of Brands And Media.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that his company is beginning a year-long overhaul of its products to promote meaningful personal connections, starting with a major change to the news feed. The move will prioritize posts by friends, family and groups, while curbing the reach of unpaid contents shared by businesses and publishers.

Zuckerberg said in his post. “I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.”

Over time, what Facebook calls “public content,” or unpaid posts by page-owners, exceeded the volume of posts by people. This shift, Zuckerberg said, has detracted from Facebook’s core mission. The company said the changes are expected to cause the reach, video watch time and traffic of media organizations on the social network to decline as a whole. Posts by pages that don’t garner interactions like “reactions,” shares or comments will be especially downplayed by the updated algorithm. (People can manually prioritize unpaid posts from pages to some degree by selecting publishers they’d like to “See First” in the “News Feed Preferences” tab.)

The updates will not affect the prominence or volume of paid posts or advertisements in people’s feeds, according to a Facebook spokesperson. However the changes could potentially result in a decline in revenue if they get people to do what Zuckerberg expects they will — spend less time Facebook. At least in the near term, the company anticipates the change to decrease the overall amount of time people spend on news feed by reducing scrolling and the passive consumption of videos and articles. However, long-term, the company predicts the change will cause people to find their time on Facebook more worthwhile, which could increase revenue in the long-run. What’s more, if businesses and media organizations lose unpaid exposure through the algorithm change as expected, they could end up spending more on Facebook advertising to maintain their visibility.

So after all the shouting and people panicking it looks like Facebook just want to move business & media brands over to paid advertising, which has always been very difficult, without the now added pressure.

Facebook now wants to move business & media brands over to paid advertising,

Content we post must be engaging to your followers, or else they just won’t see it unless you pay for it to be seen.

Continually Sticking an advert on your news feed, which doesn’t create shares and reaches will now be seen by less of your followers.

So now is the time to speak to Intuitive Marketing Agency about our fantastic social advert systems. www.intuitivemarketingagency.co.uk

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My Name is Mark

Hi, my name is Mark Linton I am the founder of The Business Growth Show and I am excited about being in charge of both the Midlands Business Expo and the South West Business Expo. I will be leading the way with both Business Expo for my franchisees to follow and work to my system in creating a fantastic event. I am passionate about helping small businesses grow and have been doing this for over 10 years and the show is the perfect platform for businesses to grow.

The Business Growth Show is a comprehensive portal to growing your business. Not only do we provide every avenue to assist in helping you grow a business and be successful, we ensure we attract the very best business brains in their industry. We understand that time is money so we have rammed the day with as much as possible so you are not out of the office for days on end. This means you can be truly inspired and meet new contacts and go away feeling energized and ready to start growing your business through networking. The show is a one-day event running from 9am – 3pm.

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