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My Name is Mark

By Mark Linton

Hi, my name is Mark Linton I am the founder of The Business Growth Show and I am excited about being in charge of both the Midlands Business Expo and the South West Business Expo. I will be leading the way with both Business Expo for my franchisees to follow and work to my system in creating a fantastic event. I am passionate about helping small businesses grow and have been doing this for over 10 years and the show is the perfect platform for businesses to grow.

The Business Growth Show is a comprehensive portal to growing your business. Not only do we provide every avenue to assist in helping you grow a business and be successful, we ensure we attract the very best business brains in their industry. We understand that time is money so we have rammed the day with as much as possible so you are not out of the office for days on end. This means you can be truly inspired and meet new contacts and go away feeling energized and ready to start growing your business through networking. The show is a one-day event running from 9am – 3pm.

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